Teething Breast Milk Cubes – Mum Hack

IMG_0846IMG_0847IMG_0848Since becoming a mother I have recieved a lot of tips, tricks and advice from other mums on how to care for my little one. Some of them work for us and some don’t. I would like to share some of the best “mum hacks” that I have tried and tested on this blog in hope that another mum may find them useful.

My first hack may help you if, like me, you have a baby that is teething especially if they are teething early. Well, we only assume that he is teething from the behaviour he is showing- dribble, chewing, rosy cheeks, bouts of crying ect. So it’s worth giving anything a shot in an attempt to keep him happy!

Obviously cold objects are soothing on babies sore gums so I thought ice cubes… Breast milk ice cubes. Obviously giving a baby an ice cube to hold could be uncomfortable for them and rather messy so I bought a Nuby Nibbler. This is a product designed for use in the weaning process and is basically a net which holds fruit or other food that the baby can chew on without the hazard of choking. Instead of fruit I just pop a cube of frozen breastmilk in so that Arlo can chew and suck on it and soothe his gums.

I’m not certain you could freeze formula milk but if your baby is on formula and already eating solids you could pop in some frozen fruit or just a regular ice cube.

I hope this helps some of your babas. More hacks will be coming your way.



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