Which nappy makes me happy? Nappy review – part one

IMG_0853Before Arlo was born the main thing that everyone said we would need was nappies, lots and lots of nappies. And they weren’t lying! As a newborn Arlo went through 10-12 nappies a day, it was ridiculous! It seemed as soon as you had put a new one on another poop was on the way. He has calmed down a bit now (thank goodness) but we are constantly on a quest to find the best disposable nappy that ticks all the boxes. I figure if the nappy can survive Arlo’s explosive bottom then it could probably suit many other babies too! We have had many disasters with leakages, rashes and rips. There is enough to contend with as a new mum without having to worry about these things so I’m on a mission to find the most reliable nappy out there!

Here are the nappies I have tried & tested so far. The prices are based on size 3 / midi. Arlo models most nappies but didn’t manage to photograph him wearing them all:

IMG_08901. Boots Baby Super Dry pack of 34 – £4.99
Rating: 3.5/5

These nappies have a very sweet giraffe design which I loved. They appeared to fit Arlo quite well and the texture was not too rough but could have been a bit softer as his skin is rather senitive. Arlo was able to wear this nappy for a few hours and it absorbed liquids quite well and seemed to keep Arlo dry. The price is fairly average. There are cheaper brands out there but perhaps not as good quality. On the downside you cannot pick these up on your supermarket shop and would have to travel to your local Boots which I would only do if I needed a few more items specific to that shop.
2. Cooperative Loved By Us pack of 29 (largest pack size) – £4
Rating: 3/5

We have used these nappies in newborn and midi size. I was pleasantly surprised by these nappies. Firstly they are not badly priced which is important considering how many we use! The midi size has a cute tortoise print and they fit really well. They also felt quite soft so were gentle on Arlo’s skin and they were thin so not bulky under his clothes. On the down side they only come in smaller packs in my local Cooperative and I don’t often shop there. I also couldn’t trust the nappy to last ‘the night shift’ and would have to change Arlo a few times to avoid leakages.

IMG_08853. Lidl toujours pack of 56 – £4.69
Rating: 2/5

The best thing about these nappies is the price, you get quite a lot of nappies for your money. However, the texture is more like plastic rather than cotton and they did leave Arlo with slight red marks where the nappy rubbed on his skin. We also experienced quite a few explosions out of the top of the nappy where the fit wasn’t quite right. I think their range for bigger children are more reliable as they can cope with holding more “solid stuff” and less sensitive skin!

tesco_nappies24. Tesco loves baby pack of 56 – £4.50
Rating: 2/5

These nappies seemed similar to the Lidl’s brand. They are not quite soft enough on the skin or tough enough to withhold one of Arlo’s explosions. However, again they are a good price.



IMG_08655. Sainsburys Little Ones Eco pack of 36 (largest pack size) – £4.90
Rating: 3/5

I was excited to find that Sainsburys did a range of eco baby products. Wherever I can, I like to go green and be a bit kinder to our planet. This can sometimes mean a greater cost but these eco nappies are not badly priced at all. However being made from wood pulp means they are slightly stiff and therefore not very flexible for a wriggly baby. I found I have to manipulate the nappy by pulling and stretching it before I put it on Arlo. Saying that, once the nappy is on it appears to fit quite well and I have found them fairly absorbent and have not suffered to many leakages.

IMG_08836. Pampers new baby & Baby dry pack of 29 – £4 or 2 for £6 (bought at Tesco)
Rating: 4.5/5

I must say that so far Pampers seem to be the winners for us. They appear to handle those runny breastfed poos with ease and are very kind and gentle on Arlo’s skin. The ‘new baby’ range are the ones we normally go for as they are soft like cotton and have a handy wetness indicator. Their ‘baby dry’ nappies appear to be the most absorbant nappies we have found and we can trust them to see Arlo through the night with just one or no changes (depending on how much he feeds). I would have scored them 5/5, but they are one of the more expensive brands we have tried. However, you can get them through deals (Tescos often have deals on these) and spending a little bit extra is worth it in the long run if it saves you doing more clothes washing and means less nappy changes!

There are many other brands out there these are just the ones I’ve tested so far. I aim to try out a few other brands which I will review on here at a later date. In particular, I am interested in Naty by Nature as this is another eco brand meaning the nappies are 70% biodegradable which is fantastic. Being green is always a bonus for me plus I like the look of the design and they look high quality and come with biodegradable nappy bags too.

How have your experiences been with nappies, what has become your go to nappy or can you recommend brand you have found reliable and good value for money? Let me know in the comments.

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9 thoughts on “Which nappy makes me happy? Nappy review – part one

  1. With my girls I used Boots own nappies or Asda’s own brand which I loved but that was a fair few years ago…..I was never a fan of Pampers but I just know they have changed their design since my girls were little…hehehe


  2. Pampers have always been the winner for us – we’ve tried different brands over the years and always gone back to Pampers.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x


  3. This is such a useful review. We mainly use Asda’s Little Angels but when the Tot was tiny I had a bag of Pampers to use at night – we could guarantee a dry night with just one change. I left it a while before I dared to use a cheaper nappy #TriedTested


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